Carpenter Sales

Come meet the Carpenter Family: Leonard, Lisa, Bill and Angel Carpenter.

They have several booths located in the center back section of Dover Flea Market.

There you’ll find everything you need to make your homesteading, hunting, camping, fishing or trapping experience more enjoyable.

They carry a variety of survival gear, cast iron wares and tools.

You’ll also find toys, movies, food items, antiques and lots of miscellaneous new and used items.

Check out the pictures to see our current selection.



Guys will love our selection of fishing gear, knives, lighters, marbles, cast iron skillets and other collectible and useful items.  We currently have a horse saddle and neon Miller Beer sign.

Antiques and Collectibles


Featuring Antiques, Crocks, Roseville, Weller and other Pottery Pieces,

As well as Coins, Arrow Heads & Large Points, Marbles, Hummels, Knives, Guns, Ammo etc.

We even have an The Gibson Banjo made about 1926.

  Herb invites you to stop by and get a Smile and a Great Deal!