Nice Weather Brings Vendors Outside

Outdoor vendors set up in Dover Flea Market Parking Lot

Vendors and shoppers alike enjoyed the beautiful weather we had last weekend.  Some people set up out in the parking lot.  Some set up under the trees along the side of the road.  Still others preferred the shade of the front awning and chose to set up on the sidewalk.

There was fresh produce, garden plants and a variety of new and used items to choose from.

IMG_0659 IMG_0651

Getting Ready For Summer Deals

This spring brought many changes to Dover Flea Market. A few vendors moved out.  This started a chain reaction of booth relocation and/or expansion.  As vendors moved into newly vacated spots, they painted walls and expanded their inventories.  Several new vendors joined the flea market and we wish them much success.

There has also been an increase in the number of vendors who set up outside.  This means Dover Flea Market has an even greater selection of items to choose from.  Be sure to come in soon and see what’s new.

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