New Feature Post: What’s Barbie Wearing Today?

IMG_1540Dover Flea Market has it’s own Fashionista Barbie!

Barbie loves to dress up each day and selects her clothes to coordinate with the season, holiday or her current mood.  She never wears the same outfit twice so I thought it would be fun to chronicle her style each week in a new post. She sews so many pieces are one of a kind.  And with a whole booth of jewelry to choose from, she always has the perfect accessory.

If you are looking for accessories to complete your special look, be sure to stop by Babie’s booth in the front of the store.

Barbie will also be happy to replace a watch battery for you for only $1.00.





Brother’s Phil and Kurt Butcher recently set up shop inside Dover Flea Market. Phil and Kurt have a passion for all things models and call their space the MAD MODELERS GARAGE.

They gladly accept all major credit cards as well has checks.

You can contact them at: and

Here’s a few pictures of their booth:

IMG_1500 IMG_1495 IMG_1497 IMG_1496 IMG_1499 IMG_1494 IMG_1501IMG_1493